Childcare – Sugarcane Music Video

Directed by Maxim Kelly

CHILDCARE are aware that music is about more than just sound.

It’s about the way each song interacts with our life, enhancing it, allowing us to reach a fully emotional appreciation of the world around us.

New album Wabi-Sabi is a wellness adventure, with their delicious psych-pop taking on a meditative element.

Take new single ‘Sugarcane’. It’s a blissfully addictive single, with those off piste backing vocals giving their songwriting a choral element.

Utilises a cast from the Get Well Soon initiative to explore touchstones within their music.

Singer Ed Cares quipped: “’Sugarcane’ is one of the few modern songs to reference one of my favourite American-Chinese dishes – the almighty Ciao Mein, Sugarcane is about exploring a more delicious, greasier version of yourself.”

Video Premiere: CHILDCARE – ‘Sugarcane’